Telecaster Pics

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madman drawings

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i don’t draw much these days but i thought i would post some older stuff. i got into drawing with oil crayons a few years ago. it was fun but i don’t have the patience or the natural ability to take it very seriously. i think they look like the drawings of a disturbed child or a mental patient.



Last night we started watching BBC’s Folk America. It’s a three-part documentary about the evolution of folk music in America. Actually it’s about a lot more than that but you should see for yourself. Through the magic of the internet, this can be downloaded here.  Thanks to Jesse from Canada for recommending this great documentary. Required viewing for any aspiring folk musician or music lover.

In the spirit of BBC’s Folk America, please enjoy: Mountaineer’s Courtship by Ernest and Hattie Stoneman

The Stonemans

The Stonemans

two sisters

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somebody asked me where the name “wynobelly” came from. it’s a combination of our pets names: wynona and belly. when they aren’t eating or tearing around the house, they usually sleep. like many sisters, they have a complex and sometimes volatile relationship and though belly’s enthusiasm can sometimes overwhelm wynona, there is great love between them.





from the 1967 british pop masterpiece “something else by the kinks”, please enjoy “two sisters”



if there are any seinfeld fans out there here is the puerto rican day episode. banned in the usa! just like the 2 live crew.


Baby On Board

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The Be Sharps

The Be Sharps

Last night I came across a great website:

For 5 dollars you can watch any episode of the Simpsons and it’s good for 5 years. A dollar a year for unlimited Simpsons? Sign me up. It’s not a scam either; I watched “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” last night and “Homer Goes to College” with no problems. Both absolute classics.

Principal Skinner lays down a mean banjo on the track. I found the chords online and gave it a go. It wasn’t feeling right on my 5-string as I was stumbling through some chord changes. However, I found that it worked quite nicely on the ukelele and put together this rough version in the middle of the night.  Please pardon any foul notes as I am a beginner still trying to find my voice.

Baby On Board (ukelele)

[C]Baby on [E7]board
[A]How I've a[A7]dored
That [Dm]sign on my [A7]car's window [Dm]pa-[A7]a-[Dm]ane 

A [G]bounce in my [G7]step
[C]loaded with [A7]pep
'Cause I'm [D]driving in the [D7]car [D9]pool [G]la-[Gdim]a-[G7]ane 

[C]Call me A [E7]square
[A]friend, I don't [A7]care
That [Dm]little yellow [A7]sign can't be ig[Dm]no-[A7]o-[Dm]ored 

I'm telling [F]you it's mighty [F#dim]nice
Each trip's a [C]trip to [B]par[Bb]a[A]dise
[A7]With my [D7]baby [G7] [G+]on [C]board [G7] [C]

The original can be heard here: 

happy saturday

thursday afternoon in san francisco

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in and around chinatown



greetings friends

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in time i will be posting photographs, drawings, music, videos, rants about the new york rangers, etc

it will take some time for me to get it all together but i am unemployed and have no excuse

in the meantime, please enjoy some classic (and some would argue peak) meat puppets

Meat Puppets- Out My Way 8.17.86 Live In LA

The pups were on fire that night (and throughout most of the 80s) i was 2 years old.


more to come